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Hey Hey Hey

2009-01-25 03:57:29 by karrotsrkool

I'm karrotsrkool and i'm just typeing up this post to get rid of that annoying message that says "you haven't made any posts. Why not make one here.". It's something like that. So what the hell i might as well write one. So here it is, nothing intresting just randomness. Smiles :). You know I hate adds but the only thing I hate more than adds is the credit crunch because it makes me feel sad so sads :(. Then you have the fact that i'm tired and I have that annoying person in my life who I wish would die, do you have one of those, it's horrible. I'm going to stop annoying the public now and if you read the whole thing then your sad. So BYE

Smiles :) + Sads :( = Deads x x


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